Every online business’s main aim is to generate visitors to its website. Whether you are driving traffic from referral programs, guest blogging, SEO or SEM, the main motive is to get constant visitors in order to boost the chances of increasing sales leads and conversion. Though there are various strategies available to do so, SMM is one of the best ways to traffic on your website.

What is SMM?

SMM – Social Media Marketing – is a process of attracting an increased number of visitors to a website by promoting the products/services or content on different social media networks.
Social media has the power to uplift your sales and conversions provided you have something useful to share with the users of such big platforms.

Facts about SMM

According to a recent survey, these sites received even more traffic than Google. With these social networks having millions of active users, it makes absolute sense to promote your services or products through such sites.

  • Facebook is one of the leading social sites that has more than 82% of small businesses registered trailed by YouTube with 73%, Twitter with 47% and LinkedIn with 47%.
  • YouTube is one of the best social media networks that offer highest engagement and lowest bounce rate.
  • Facebook drives more referrals than any other social media site with 86% increase in the referrals while Pinterest and Twitter drive 11% and 3% referrals respectively.
  • Nearly 49% of web users read people have to say about the product on social media before making the purchase.
  • 85% of businesses collect and monitor information regarding their competitors on social media networks.

Accommodating such a huge number of active users, can you afford to miss out on an opportunity to promote your products and services on such a popular platform?

Of course not, therefore we have summarized some of the most effective social media marketing strategies to help you become a pro in online business game.

1. Share content more than once

Though the concept of sharing the same content more than once is still a debate, there are a majority of people who have seen tremendous results by doing so. The main logic behind this is that you don’t always have the same people on your page. Your likes and followers keep increasing and they probably have not checked out your previous posted content, thus sharing the same content after a while gives your new followers a chance to read and get the information.

2. Never share the same message again

Sharing the same message again makes you no less than a spammer. Though sharing content more than once is important, putting the same message doesn’t necessarily have to be same. When you share a post on social media, you normally include a caption with the post you want to share – which is fine. However, sharing the same caption again with other post can frustrate your followers and sometimes can eliminate the room for creativity and innovation. Therefore, share the same post after a while but with a different message. Also, it also allows you to try alternate captions for the same post.

3. Develop a sharing schedule

Many social media sites offer a feature where you can schedule your post and publish the content at the most appropriate time. Check at what time your followers come online and schedule your post according to that to get more visitors to your website. In addition, if you are going to post the same content again, you can schedule how often you want to share it.

4. Run campaigns

Campaigns are the best ways to attract an increasing number of users. Users come to social media sites to explore new and interesting things associated with their interests. According a recent survey, it has shown that users participate more in social media campaigns. Not only have these campaigns helped them develop interest in new brands and online businesses, but also new businesses to get new followers and customers.

5. Keep track of your results

Keeping track of your results is essential to know how much you have succeeded from the last time. It is also essential to ensure that the modifications you made to your social publishing schedule is actually work. There are various things you need to keep an eye on such as post activity, post reach, negative feedback, and fading interest of your users in your content.

6. Target right audience

Targeting the right audience is very important to actually increase the conversion and ROI. As an instance, if you are selling kid’s apparel, you would not target young and college going users rather you should target young and middle aged parents. Therefore, it is important for you to know how to refine your audience and improve the conversions.

7. Optimize your content on each network

As a matter of fact, no two social media networks are same. Each site displays text and images in a different manner. But do you consider this fact while sharing your content on these networks? One of the best ways to make the most of these social media networks is by adding value and variety to your posts. As an instance, Twitter allows 140 characters of tweets while Google+ allows longer text in post. This allows you to add more content and add few important points in the headline to capture the attention. Also, Twitter focuses more on images and thus adding eye-catching images with every post help you make the content noticeable.

Each piece of your post should encourage people to click the link and visit your website instead of keep scrolling after reading it. Social media networks have changed a lot over the past few years. They grew bigger and better with time. There was a time when such networks were just platforms to share and connect with your friends and family. Today where people use them to connect, and communicate with the world, business owners use it to promote their products and services. It has indeed opened gates for many and become a major player in online marketing.